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It's Been a Minute ........

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Goodness me the year has slipped on by ....... I was in the middle of telling our journey using a Buyer's Agent and our move to Brisbane but it all seems so long ago now!? If anyone is listening or following please let me know if you want the end of the story.... Like all things Jade and Najib, it always has a bit of adventure and something out of the ordinary.

We threw our 2 cats into the back of a hire car and drove from Sydney to Brisbane .... 2 week stop over on the GC in a hotel confinement horror show. Only ever having been to our house once before...... No friends...... No jobs.. No cars..... What could go wrong?! 🤣😂

Needless to say we have ended up in a GORGEOUS little house that we completely LOVE!

With my ongoing love for all things Xmas and Sparkles our house is truly fitting the bill! It's funny, cause I know it wasn't a "MUST HAVE" when we engaged our Buyer's Agent, but honestly a front porch with street appeal that's still private.... what a luxury! That's the door leading into my little office where magic happens!.....

It has been a HUGE year, for not only me personally but our family in general. Middle aged and deciding to change my entire career and not only that start a business has been an incredible and scary journey. Najib has been the most amazing and wonderful support, always in my corner and generally making me feel I can do this! 💪💪👌 Can't thank other family and friends enough for their cheering support also!

The hardest part has been the Socials - the media side of it all. Finding the time to make the posts... write the blog... update the website ..... don't even get me started on TikTok... I will get there one day. It is a totally new world in that regard and I have had to teach myself so many new skills in the process. I mean who knew what an SEO was in January this year.... let alone what the average market shift in housing was!??

As we close out the Year 2022 I wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays and here's to an EPIC house buying filled year 2023!


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