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Where the hell are we going??? And Property Searching!

Within weeks of engaging our Buyer's Agent (Simon) we had everything ready to go..... including our Mortgage Broker! (Also a handy thing to have when buying a house 🤣🏠)

I had handed notice into my work and that gave us a time frame to work towards. Simon - seemed to really understand what it was we were looking for after we had had long chats and filled out a good questionnaire that asked all the important stuff.... like a Pool - yes or no!? That's a BIG yes from us! 🤣🤣🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️

Needless to say the process all became very real and we really had no idea where we were moving to! We have my cousin's in Brisbane which was brilliant and we liked the area they live in - Seven Hills but that was it - we didn't know a soul or really any other areas!

We knew we wanted a house that had at least 3/4 beds, pool was a must, and some character, we weren't fans of any new builds. I remember now, I was desperate for a butlers panty or at least a separate laundry room - luxury after apartment living for so long! Thinking back on it now our list was long and vast, which I have now learnt as a Buyer's Agent myself, it's a big part of the job to help keep expectations real, on point and focused - Needs, wants and must haves!

We eventually found a place that we really liked - had some issues in the backyard but we were ready for a small renovation if required - Simon went and looked at it for us and we did a video walk through ... He liked it - we liked it, my cousins went and saw it - they liked it we put an offer on ....Conditional of us seeing it in person!

Luckily, we had one of the rare breaks in Covid and the borders came down, so we were able to fly up and back in a day - to see our house that we had an offer on, but also to see any others that Simon had found! He had another 5 or so houses for us to look at....... all in different areas and all with different positive and negative attributes - Needless to say tickets were booked!!

✈✈✈✈ Flying during the peak of Covid days... now that is a whole other blog to write!!

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