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Why a first home buyer might use a buyer’s agent

So you think you can't afford a Buyer's Agent?

While many believe they are only for the wealthy investor, there are reasons why a first home buyer might and probably should use a buyer’s agent. Unlike real estate agents, buyer’s agents work exclusively for the buyer. It is the role of the buyer’s agent to help someone through the process of buying a property.

Some of us are more affordable than you may think!

Before we get straight into it, let’s run through the types of services a buyer’s agent can provide:

  • Property Analysis – tailored property reports, so you know exactly what you’re buying

  • Auction Bidding – the agent will research the property and take your place on the big day to get the best result possible

  • Negotiation Only – your buyer’s agent will negotiate with the real estate agent on your behalf to help secure the deal in your favour

  • Full Service – in this complete service, your buyer’s agent will undertake a comprehensive property search and assessment, then negotiate or bid on your behalf, helping you all the way to settlement.

Now you understand how a buyer’s agent can help, let’s look at why a first home buyer would use these services.


Buying a home for the first time is no easy feat, especially if you are time poor and lack prior knowledge.

Many professionals don’t have the available hours to do the research, then spend every weekend house hunting only to find they are out of budget or already under offer!

It makes complete sense why some first home buyers spend the money hiring a buyer’s agent to do the legwork for them. Some buyers set themselves an urgent timeframe to enter the market, while others just can’t stomach the months of research and sacrificing countless weekends to inspections.

It comes down to this: are you willing to do the work (and invest your time), or not?

Different Markets:

Property market valuations can vary wildly, even when comparing two neighbouring suburbs.

Understanding the complex nature of each micro-market can take some time to grasp. Sometimes it’s easier if you leave it to the expert. Especially if you have no idea about the market you are moving into. What areas do you need to be in if you are starting a family? How does school catchments work? What's the vibe of the suburb in general? How long will it take to travel to your employment? Is the house a house to grow with a family in?

Negotiation Confidence

Let’s face it, some first home buyers are happy to do their own research. They put in the effort, analyse various properties and narrow it down to a select few. And then, the negotiations begin, and many a hope and dream start to crumble.

This is where a trusty buyer’s agent can step in and ask the right questions to help secure a better deal for the buyer.

The vendor will already have a price in mind, but this can be challenged with a good enough argument.

Buying property is not something people do regularly (well l do!), so a bit of professional help at auction or the negotiation table can go a long way.

Emotional detachment

Removed from the emotional aspect of buying a home, a buyer’s agent can look at the situation realistically. First home buyers can get too attached to a particular property or feature and lose sight of the overall value.

Some can be so blinded they ignore potential issues, pay more money than they should, and end up with a shoddy deal.

The objectivity of a buyer’s agent can really help buyers avoid unhelpful compulsions. Plus, thanks to their knowledge and experience, they can tell when a vendor is asking too much for a property.

Knowledge & Experience

For a first home buyer, a great buyer’s agent goes out of their way to answer questions and help them through the process.

Given the complexities of market value, the knowledge of an expert is invaluable when you make that final decision. Their extended experience dealing with a variety of properties and agents can make the process a real breeze.

Nobody wants to make mistakes, and it’s far better to pay a bit and get some professional advice than make a bad purchase. It all boils down to what an expert can offer you. They’ll not only help you find a place you love, but a place with promising long-term growth.

Buying property Should Be Fun!

You need to commit so much time and research to understand the market, and yet the average Australian will only make a couple purchases in their lifetime. There’s not a lot of legroom to learn from mistakes.

If you’d rather get it right the first time, let me take the load off your hands and ensure a speedy process to buying the home you want! Plus as an added bonus we will l have some fun along the way!


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