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Why Building And Pest Inspections Matter

Building and pest inspections offer invaluable insight into the condition of the property that we maybe cant see during our walk throughs, looking at possible structural, drainage or plumbing issues as well as termite and roof damage and all sorts of other things you should know about pre-purchase!

Okay, let me start by saying that, I know it’s not an exceptionally hot thing to discuss and you probably don’t want your home to fall down or get infested with pests. In fact, physically stable and free of rodents and roaches are pretty high on my list of requirements when looking for a home!

But just to drive home how essential building and pest inspections are to the home buying process allow me to break down the key benefits of inspections and why I personally attend every inspection and write my own detailed breakdown and report based on the inspectors findings!

Obviously, I am not a licensed inspector myself, but work closely with them so have picked up in my travels things to look out for in houses before we even get to any stage of offers! I mean you wouldn't buy a car without having it looked over by a licensed professional would you?

What are building and pest inspections?

Building and pest inspections report on the current condition of a property and are designed to protect you during the purchasing process.

The reports arm you with detailed information about potential issues before you invest valuable time and money into a property. Having me as your Buyer's Agent there asking the right questions and understanding your role at this stage of the home-buying process is invaluable because not only can it stop you from having to shell out a lot of money on repairs but it can help give us leverage in the negotiations process.

What do building and pest inspections look for?

Building and pest inspectors look for a wide variety of issues, such as cracks in walls, rust, dampness, mould or leak stains. They check to see if windows and doors are functional and if there are potential plumbing or electrical issues, rotting timber and pests.

Externally, they inspect the roof, walls, large trees and fire and garden hazards, as well as external structures. The inspection can also expose any previous pest infestations, what damage was caused and how it was fixed.

Basically they stop you potentially having the wool pulled over your eyes and winding up with a home that’s in need of serious repairs or highlighting some issues that may come up in the future!

Interpreting a building and pest inspection

There is an Australian Standard that states what is to be included in a report, but the inspector you use and the amount you pay will determine the level of detail you’ll receive in a report.

It can be a tick the box style report or an extensive 15-page report, either way, the reports are designed to expose any past, present or potential future issues of the home. They can be TERRIFYING - If you don't know what you are looking at!

The Australian Standard requires that defects be located, identified, categorised under a type of fault (damage, distortion, water/damp related, deterioration etc.) and an indicator or marker or classification of each defect as to the significance or magnitude of defects.

At first glance, the reports can be daunting, but I will do a full break down of the report and we will go through it together - then you can have informed discussions with the inspector if needed!

It's really important to remember that the majority of homes – yes, even your dream home - have minor issues, so try not to get too caught up with these issues.

Although some inspectors will assist with interpreting the report and pinpointing key issues, they can’t advise on whether you should purchase the property or not.

Finding the right building and pest inspector for you.

I have access to some amazing and trusted Building and Pest companies, that I have used in other purchases and would recommend.

Of course you can also find your own, finding a building and pest inspector who is reputable and takes a thorough approach is super important.

I know that when you’re buying a house there are a thousand things on your plate and that building and pest inspections are an undeniably tedious step but it’s actually very important. It will safeguard, and arm you, with all the information and help you to make an informed decision on your property or for when you go to bid at auction where the report is already provided for you!


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