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Trusted Brisbane Buyer's Agent,Buyers advocate, real estate  Jade Fitzgerald
REIQ- 2023 member Ideal Buyers Agency
Ideal Buyer's Agency PIPA member

With Ideal Buyer's Agency as a part of your purchasing team  you can count  on the highest level

of confidentiality and  integrity – and absolute dedication to your  property goals. Every client and

every project is special to me and I stop at nothing to secure the perfect property  for you.

Ultimately it’s my aim to take all the stress out of the buying process for you,  delivering

outstanding results swiftly and smoothly into your dream home or delivering an outstanding investment.

I am an independent buyer’s agency offering a highly personalised property buying service that

is tailored to your needs. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, moving from overseas or

interstate or are just unsure on where to live and what to pay, or you are an experienced investor

and just time-poor, I have a service plan that will suit your needs.

Negotiating the best outcome based on experience

It can be a minefield to navigate the property industry without a deep understanding of the

current trends and local market. 

Ideal Buyer’s Agency , works hard on having a current and strong understanding of the

market, great relationships with selling agents, and often inside information – which

helps me negotiate the best possible outcome for you. 

I search and find your Ideal property in the Ideal Location – including “off-market”


And most importantly, I negotiate the Ideal price and save you money.

I also offer you access to my recommended industry professionals to ensure a smooth property purchase, including mortgage brokers, accountants, financial planners, building inspectors, trades and conveyancers.

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Jade Fitzgerald, Brisbane Buyer's Agent, Buyers Advocate

At Ideal Buyer's Agency, I have been helping people find their ideal property for over 3 years. With an experienced team of property professionals that have the knowledge and expertise to make the home buying process smooth and stress-free.


I can help you with everything from finding the perfect property to negotiating a great price, and even renovating the home to your exact specifications. I pride myself on being a master negotiator, and draw on 25+ years of experience in sales to help get the best deal for all my clients.

Ideal Buyers Agency

Finding Your
Ideal Property

I screen hundreds of properties and inspect dozens to find the perfect property for your needs and wants!

Saving you time

you time

I want to save you time and money! 

My experience and knowledge will get you the best possible price and terms in the shortest time frame possible.

Contract Negotiations

the Ideal Price

I do all the negotiating with the real estate selling agents on your behalf, with 20+ years experience in sales - It's part of my DNA to negotiate hard!

Building and Pest Due Diligence

Due Diligence
Ideal Location

The agents selling properties are working for the seller to get the highest price and quickest settlement. I know who to talk to, how to talk to them and the best ways to negotiate in order to buy your property and the best price possible.

Expats Expat ExpatAU ExpatUAE ExpatSA ExpatHK

Expat and
Overseas Buyers 

 I can work with you wherever you are to find and buy your ideal property at the price you want to pay.  Having been an expat for many years  - I get it!

Ideal Buyer's Agency

LET'S TALK  ||  0424 310 187

Your property adventure
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