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A buyer's agent represents only YOU - the Buyer!

A complete service which includes sourcing property - including off-market

properties, negotiating the contract and coordinating all paperwork and services

to complete the buying of the property.

Why have a buyer's agent on your side to buy property in Brisbane?

I will take the time to fully understand your needs, wants and expectations when

buying a property.  This enables a more focused property search and helps to ensure you will get the most suitable property at a price within or even potentially under your budget!  I have access to off market properties and through my contacts within the industry!  I am also a killer negotiator with a keen eye for detail picking up things that can often be missed.

Buying a home or an investment property can be a daunting, time-consuming and an overwhelming task. If you’ve got better things to do with your time, are worried about paying too much, or just want an expert on your side of the transaction.

 Let me remove all of the guesswork and make buying property simple and easy.

Ideal Buyer's Agency Benefits
Ideal Buyer's Agent Jade Fitzgerald

You’re too busy

I do all the running around for you saving you time

You’re tired of looking at unsuitable properties

I screen hundreds of properties and inspect dozens to find the perfect property for your needs and wants

You’re unsure of values

Along with extensive property buying experience I frequently conduct research of areas, Brisbane property price histories, zoning rules and local investment values to keep ahead of the market.

You want to save money

My experience and knowledge will get you the best possible price and terms in the shortest time frame possible.

You live interstate or overseas

and need someone to act on your behalf – I can work with you wherever you are to find and buy your ideal property at the price you want to pay.  Having been an expat for many years  - I get it!

You want someone on your team

The agents selling properties are working for the seller to get the highest price and quickest settlement. I know who to talk to, how to talk to them and the best ways to negotiate in order to buy your property and the best price possible.

You’re not a confident in negotiator

I do all the negotiating with the real estate selling agents on your behalf, with 20+ years experience in sales - It's part of my DNA to negotiate hard!

You’re just completely overwhelmed

by the whole property buying process. I will work with you and take care of every step of the process, but also provide advice and a clear understanding of each element in buying property.  It is a huge undertaking and no matter the value of the house it's still one of if not THE largest purchase of your lifetime it should be a fun and exciting process and I will do everything I can to take the stress out but maintain the excitement and fun element!​


Finding exactly what you’re looking for.

I understand and respect that everyone is unique, with different needs and situations.

I specialise in finding properties that precisely fit your specifications and I go to great lengths to do it.

We will work together to build your Property Profile!

With me as your buyer's agent, you really can sit back with confidence knowing that I will find the Ideal Property for the Ideal price in the Ideal location!

Finding Your Ideal Property in Brisbane made easy with Ideal Buyers agency
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Negotiating the best possible price

Most property transactions occur with only the seller having an experienced industry professional on their side.

It’s vital to get the negotiating part of the property purchase process right; when you’re looking to buy property, either for your home or as an investmentnegotiating a contract or bidding at an auction, it can be daunting experience …

  • Emotions run strong

  • Your heart beats faster

  • Things move quicker

  • Before you know it, it’s all over and you possibly either didn’t get the property or paid too much for it

Save yourself the stress!

Let me to do the negotiating and bidding on your behalf. You’ll be more relaxed, you won’t pay too much and you have a better chance of getting the property you want.

I'm on your side

As an experienced buyer's agents, I know what to look for, how to get the best price and how to secure the property you’re looking for at the price you are willing to pay.

Property Price

I spend all day every day buying property for people, so I have plenty of insight into what a property is worth and how much you’ll likely need to spend to purchase it.  I also access multiple data areas to ensure we have the most relevant and up to date information.

Negotiating the Ideal Price - Brisbanes top Buyers Agent
Saving you time - Ideal Buyers Agent Brisbane


Buying property shouldn’t interrupt your life

With me doing the leg-work as your buyers agent, you can sit back and relax. Spend your weekends with your family instead of traipsing through open inspections.

Your time’s valuable, so I will contact you with only the very best potential properties suited to you. Buying property should be pleasant and enjoyable instead of frustrating and complicated.

Doing everything for you – I do all the running around

The job of the real estate buyer’s agent is to make life easier, less stressful and more rewarding for the client. I do every part of the buying process from the menial yet necessary tasks, like;

  • research

  • matching property to your specification

  • eliminating unsuitable properties

  • avoiding maintenance nightmares

  • identifying motivated sellers

  • intense negotiations

  • drafting contracts

  • arranging and attending on your behalf all relevant inspections

  • liaising with conveyancers/solicitors

  • right through to settlement

More time to spend doing things you love!


Make sure that the property you want to buy doesn’t have any unpleasant surprises that could either cost you money or just make life unpleasant in your new home.

The detailed property due diligence service will provide you with a full picture of the property you want to buy, including:

Surrounding Neighbourhood

  • Car parking issues

  • Access to property

  • Unique characteristics/flaws

  • Proximity to schools, healthcare, public transport, recreational facilities, etc.

Council & Zoning

  • Zoning restrictions

  • Easements

  • Encumbrances


I will make note of anything that may be of concern to you. No two properties are the same, so it requires investigation on a case-by-case basis.  It's important you yet the good with the bad in order to form educated decisions.


During the verbal run-down, I’ll also give you my recommendation on whether I believe the property is going to work for you. 

Interstate Purchasers

If you’re interstate, I’ll also provide walkthrough videos of the house. These are definitely not the sorts of videos that the selling agent uses to promote the property.  These are really in-depth looks at the pros and cons of the property and area.

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Buying property can be difficult at the best of times, let alone being based in another country and time zone. If you are a returning Aussie expat or just an Overseas Investor acquiring an asset, I can assist you to locate & purchase your dream home or investment property in and around Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and other areas upon request.

Having been an expat for many years - I get it!  

I want you to end up with the property you had always imagined, at a price lower than you could have imagined, with the whole process being easier and more enjoyable than you would have ever expected.

Expat Buyers Agent Brisbane - Expat and Overseas Buyers
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